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  Cell talk in Trauma. 

Health pictures shows emotions can be formed into your cells.

 What will protect you in a celluar way? 

Emotions and cells are undervalued and misunderstood. 

There are more than 682,000 breaths we send out and focus the exhale more to fill the gap of our psychological being. This is influenced and motivated by us through yoga, dance, art, teaching, walking, playing with dog, cooking etc. So, as we think we create a dynamic thought pricess with the same that has been hard wired in us from past, this incudes the good with the bad, but we remember more bad.

 The changing factors to our emotions will change our health. Each 60 thoughts and breaths per minute can be disillusioned by you creating more cells to argue and take over your own body. 

We do the dirty work when we think were living, but instead some of us our doing just the opposite. Our pupose is to be here as living beings  to help heal, and realize  our present is free of emotions in one thought. Its knowing the hurt within and not even know were doing just that we can choose to save our life. This is not just related to special grain free gluten free or other diets, but they do help! This pertains to how you have been stuck with a mindset that has took shaped and formed inself over the course of time. The time it takes is how you see you. How is your worth.  How do you value you? 

We observe to seek growth through how we feel and the sensations. The natural way is to be loved when were a child, and then for some of us is planning the rest of our lives trying to fix and care for ourselves. This is due to have been sick, feel sick or know deeply something is wrong. We live in hypertext or arousal that is unclear, we find ourselves seeking support, guidance, more church, or social friends. We stay over active to not think, but in our stories is our memories.  Thoses memories can grow good or bad by how we have survived through our cells. The supporting love we give our cells makes us happy. This is when your smiling, thinking sunshine and remembering. But the main assignment on earth is to give support to cells that stay away from past memories. How and when and where we are gives us support when we support are thoughts, in turn our cells. Although, cell thoughts know we cant always tell how we feel if we hypervilvilagnt and at a state of unrest. 

            The cell coaching leading cell freedom means responsibilty in our own way  to choose changes. 

CELL   FREEDOM – Nervous system changes through pattern of past by first seeing it as a present concern and a relationship to ones own responsibility to imagine change, like a dog knows he is already walking before the words even go out, or he hasnt even heard the word mentioned for some. Our intellect us to play dum and be a dog for a change in my mind. 
 The Cd 45 cells ate our memory cells. Some called RA. RO cells reserve the body to deal with tbreats and challenges. RA cells is from past past exposure, so The RA to RO ratio is balancing new information to activate in reconizing toxins. When trauma exists, the  RA cells are ready to pounce if someone has trauma related incidents and makes it harder to not attack the persons own body, but it does through their cells that have been traumatized. 

How to repair ones own immune system? 

  1. Write
  2. Move 
  3. Talk  ( talk therapeutic ways – dogtalk

These are the changing of the  nervous system is structured through how we value our emotion to release negative feelings, emotions, trauma, distorted views that all have led and impacted our cells leading us in a traumantic way. 

 Scientific research knows and states according to research that we have living cells and living  memories. Memories live in cells but it is up to us to have the healthy cells. Can we recreate new memories? Yes, but first to reorganize what cells have causing the  fight with our thought through our own cells. Talk to the cells first is where will change the N.S tjrough acknowledging that is just the beginning to have our emotions and health in check.  

” Our world from child trauma can be so rude and unorganized that are beliefs can’t and won’t change, but by changing  nervous system through a unorganized fashion of action ways will reduce attack, and reorganize cells in body  so it can develop the strength to having beautiful emotions”. 

NOTE OF the day  🙂   

There are  various free ways to alleviate fast cell from attacking us will be not fast.In my next blog  stay tuned if your facing feelings of betrayal, bewilderment, uneasiness, uncertainity, lack of personal power or any ailments you have been involved, invested, inflicted and need a massive cell treatment redo that this information intrigues you. 

Social Work Scrapbook

Trauma impacts the mind and body in numerous ways.


I have worked with many children and adolescents that have presented the following symptoms.  One client in particular exhibited each of the following trauma symptoms:  Substance Abuse, chronic headaches, hyper-vigilance, mistrust, nightmares/flashbacks, little or no memories, shame, hopefulness, emotional overwhelm, insomnia, decreased concentration, irritability, self destructive behavior and depression.  The client I speak of was  15 years old when I met him one hot summer day.  I was surprised to get him into a counseling room after he refused to come to the correctional facility by physically refusing and fighting off guards.   He was diagnosed with numerous disorders including depression, bipolar II, insomnia, substance abuse, PTSD and mood disorder NOS.  Trauma definitely existed as a major precursor to such symptoms.  It took him months to begin disclosing the trauma he had experienced which included domestic and gang violence.

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Dynamics of Abuse

Social Work Scrapbook

Understanding the dynamics of Abuse is essential to helping children and families.  It is important to remember that what seems like abuse isn’t  always abuse.  There are physical and behavioral indicators of abuse/ maltreatment.  The 4 types of abuse and physical indicators are listed below.

4 Types of Maltreatment

1,  Physical

Bruising, (face, throat, upper arms, butt, thighs, or lower back), Unusual shaped bruises, on an infant, bite/pinch marks, in clusters, various stages of healing, Burns, skeletal injuries, twist fractures, welts, missing/chipped teeth, loss of hair, broken eardrum, abdominal injuries.

2,  Sexual

Somatic complaints, pregnancy, genital discharge, frequent unexplained sore throats, torn/stained underwear

3.  Emotional

emotional/mental injury is not temporary but long lasting,  It is observed in a child’s behavior.

Behavioral Indicators:  eating d/o, speech d/o, delays in speech/motor skills, low height/weight, head banging, regressive behavior, poor peer relations, fire setting, cruel behavior, withdrawal

4,  Neglect

abandonment, poor hygiene, not…

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Dynamics of Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse is often very different from adult sexual abuse.  Child sexual abuse has the following characteristics: ●  The perpetrator is typically a known and trusted caregiver. ● Physical … Source: Dynamics of Sexual Abuse