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Jane Tobin is healing about mind-body image and lifestyle. She infuses daily health goals using successful health strategies to combat life’s challenges through unwanted stress. Her focus is on helping others through healing. This includes her focus on health with internal and external factors and influences combined in coaching and counseling dynamics, physiology, homeopathy, plant-based knowledge, emotional psychology, healing sciences, herbal remedies, medical ailments through tarot.

Jane’s current work melds together all of the different truths of moving and living through yoga where she has had the privilege of learning mind body spirit connections. She holds a 200-hour certification in Hatha Yoga where she graduated from the Movement Center located in Portland, Oregon.  Her Masters is in Human Services with an emphasis as a Certified Family Life Educator. She received her Bachelors in Human Development with a minor in Human Resources in 2014 from Warner Pacific College, Portland Oregon.  She is certified in herbal remedies, homeopathy, counseling and life coaching. With a human service background of a diploma in counseling and life coaching accredited by the CTTA Complementary Therapists Association Accredited Kew Academy is where I provide resolutions for transformation and change.
Jane has taught yoga in numerous school districts located in Portland, Oregon and has taught private classes with clients. Her teaching is a union of traditional yogic philosophy and a modern perspective on the practice. In her work, physically challenging asana kindles the fire of transformation and brings a sharp focus to the meditative aspect of yoga. Jane is most interested in teaching others to be discerning where they can synthesize information for themselves. Jane’s classes and other offerings prioritize depth of breath, core center of the action, and commitment to the inner work necessary for personal evolution. In that spirit, she continues to practice for those who want to learn the practice for a living system that breathes differently in each body.
Her focus is on mind-body health and believes when the mind and breath are un-interrupted, one’s natural state becomes balanced. Her focus drives are within body-based knowledge of nutrition goals, women’s health, relationships dynamics of overall life’s challenges. She supports crisis, through listening where one can create personal change through developing healthy goals, boundaries, releasing old wounds by fear factors and ways they can understand meaning and purpose for a change.


Warner Pacific University- M.A.H.S – Family Studies and Human Services ■ DO TERRA~ Health Consulting & Wellness Advocate Health Coach ●2016, Southern Oregon University~2014-2015~ BA Science in Human Development,~2009~2014 Higher Balance Yoga & Meditation ~2017–2017  Brand Ambassadors Promotes and educates Speciality and all Natural products [The Pet Firm, Natural Grocers New Season Health & Co-op. ■ 200~hr Yoga and Meditation Teacher ~Movement Center, 2016 Trauma-informed Sensitive workshop ~ Bhakti Shop, 2016 Activities for SUN program Yoga teacher. ■Metropolitan Family Services~2016, Do’ Terra Aroma~touch practitioners Elephant Soul shine Yoga~ 2015, 200-hr Floral-2009~ Floral Design Institute~■100~hr Doula workshop~2009, Mothertree * Certified Accredited Counselor and Life Coach through The Kew Center Academy.


Mission Statement: Healing integrates vitality as it links the breath, body, and mind together through different transformational techniques when combined with health-based modalities. Through yoga, meditation, sacred aromas, and health-based knowledge allow intuitive energetic ways one can detox that supports individuals to redesign a paradigm that transformational.


Whole body energy wellness will decrease stress,  chronic pain, develop self-awareness,  diminish pain, increase relaxation, creating a healthy mind, body, and spirit for a well-balanced lifestyle.

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