Aroma -touch healing – Services


I heal others though healing touch using aromatherapy.  I start with intentionality which trigger shifts in the body. Using oils help a person recover from many ailments. For instance one study developed in nursing homes with thoses who had migraines  recovered  by using peppermint. I am also a do TERRA wellness advocate I offer aroma-touch therapy through using Grade A CPTG Certified Therapeutic essential pure oils. I apply eight essential oils along meridians and visceral points located on your back, feet, front and back to stimulate and balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.


How it works: This technique decreases inflammation and supports a healthy immune function. It reduces and supports stressors in the body by improving an individual state of well being of the autonomic functions which govern our involuntary motor system.  The four major negative influences our factors which cause our body to be out of balance through daily stress, toxic insult, inflammatory response.


Through simple techniques of Aroma-touch restores these four factors and repairs the internal and external influences in our daily life through aroma by touching points that are visceral contacts that allow the body back to a state of balance. The organ points on hands, ears, and feet and when stimulated helps neurology and physiology through producing whole body energy system wellness. 
 “Helen Keller quotes ” Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles, and all the years we have lived.” 

We carry stress from environmental which therefore impacts our immune system raising our serotonin, and when they are too high, our white blood cells get destroyed and weakens the immune system leading to health ailments. Our immune system helps our body to produce white blood cells, so when the immune system is tampered with by medical, dietary or environmental from exposure through contamination of foods and free radicals it, therefore, weakens the immune system.  The inflammatory response occurs in chronic pain, or by consuming high foods in fat, trauma, toxins, body tissues issues that have been injured which causes stress in the autonomic balance.

 The autonomic imbalance is known as ANS, and by restoring the homeostasis within the thoracic and abdominal cavity, primarily target our organs within the visceral nervous system. We are complex beings, and by maintaining balance in our nervous system allows us to be steady in mind.

The aromas of the oils together work well in the specific areas and meridian points that allows us to regain balance and tranquility of calmness within our immune system of well-being. 👃

img_20170114_124807_383 Each oil supports the body energy function allowing it to cleanse, calms, protect, restore, rebuilds general health. The human smell develops at the age of eight or nine and supports the organ of our taste buds and aromas alone improves mood and decreases anxiety evoking physical responses. 

By opening up the lymphatic system and myofascial tissues that are held or carried within our bodies by restoring their natural states for well-being. She believes that the body needs healthy nourishment through good nutrition, gentle detox methods, healing touch to support whole-body wellness overall.

” The living being is an agency of such short that each disturbing influence and desire by itself is the calling forth of compensatory activity to neutralize or repair the disturbance”. – Leonardo FrederWhaWhat’s

What’s required of you!

*A waiver. That’s all 🤗
 I can come to you at your convenience, so it is up to you to provide me with your location information!
  • For your purposes, please provide me with areas of concern or injuries,  or if allergic to oil, please let me know which will be on the waiver.  Also, if there is a specific location to focus on.  I can send you waiver prior or when I arrive at you.
You can email directions to
gratuitouoror1 or  $45  or 2 hours $85

Relax, restore, renew, rebuild, rejuvenate you!

  • Guided mediation of Yin Yoga along with divine oil essential.
  • You can learn simple techniques for using it as a  ‘partner massage’.
  • A Touch Aroma Treatment clinical is 30 minute( 8 Therapeutic Essential Oils) Applied to the soles of the feet, meridian lines on the back.   Treatment:  is created to help the homeostasis by working significant stress in the area.
  • These of which are: STRESS, Build and support  IMMUNE, REDUCE  pain joint INFLAMMATION, brings new ENERGY, or you can either receive, a or give  ‘energizing’ Aroma Touch Hand Treatment with essential orange. An Aroma Touch Treatment is a 30-minute clinical application of 8 Therapeutic Essential Oils applied to soles of feet, meridian lines on the back.
  • The treatment is created to work in a multiple of ways.
  • Your homeostasis helps to balance STRESS.  It is IMMUNE-BOOSTING, pain relief or  REDUCING INFLAMMATION, revitalization it provides energy that is ENERGIZING for the entire well-being. 20160612_112227

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