Transformational Life Coaching


COACHING: “Healing starts in the body, one can rebuild self – confidence, boost self-esteem, removing any unwanted energy from moving the body”. The focus is on helping others develop new strategies and patterns that had formed self-limiting beliefs or fears.

What is it that you want to transform or change in the present moment? Is it career change or weight loss. This could be any areas that you may feel a sense of blocked or stuck feeling of stagnation. Sometimes we can be ahead of unreasonable set goals that hinder our abilities, or ways we behave, such as the use of time management.

Will will look at determining what your main concerns are so we can find what positive ways for a person to take action. 

  • Will help the person identify and uphold their values
  • Will listen to their complaints, concerns, and challenges, and act as a non-judgemental sounding board for their ideas
  • Will provide meaningful and empowering emotional and motivational support, especially during crucial decision-making phases and times of opportunities
  • Will help the person form ways to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Will help them form a clearer and more realistic vision of their future
  • Will work with them, to formulate an action plan, and motivate them to stay committed to their progress towards their goals

Goal setting for both counseling and coaching are a bit different. Coaching is increasing performance whereas counseling is to help improve performance.

Talking with a person helps one to regain a sense of purpose, balance, and meaning. Goals and life skills are important steps to gain personal success and help solve when you can have a sounding board.


To schedule a session with me Please email at to see of were a good fit as in addressing either coaching or counseling needs based upon your situation.

Sessions are usually 8 sessions long or longer once a week either through phone or facetime.

“Acting is not about putting on a character but discovering the character within you: you are the character, you just have to find it within yourself a very expanded version of yourself”.- Tina Packer.

person standing on hand rails with arms wide open facing the mountains and clouds

True power is seeing the work to overcome and face obstacles