” Through suffering, comes wisdom. Through surrender, comes strength. Through resilience, comes hope. “ Rita Said

This is for individuals who want to gain a new bold mindset. Learn about their body, stay off or get off prescription medications, increase health,  gain stamina, build strength and flexibility and agility, or who just want to find new ways to deepen their practice. You have come to the right place. This could be also for individuals who want to build more practice at home.  

Yoga opens up to help individuals release old karmic  negative patterns, thoughts, behaviors and emotions by instilling a place of peace  

” You provide your healing when you take a seat”

How often do you sit?

Security is made when one is in peace¬†“Peace is feeling good and is only examined through the body”.¬†

By using and addressing grounding healing techniques will support physical and spiritual psychological needs which is our life force,  that energy needs to be noticed. When we notice our body we are in full alignment.  The best way described is why we suffer from aches and ailments is due to the lack of pulling areas to meet each other.  Joining body is connecting the mind. From the tailbone to our spine we are unique and connected.  When we activate our body by meeting each point we will be more in balance and developed.   You will develop basic awareness psychological, physiology, the spiritual development where new postures and various relaxation techniques can be used daily under life situations.c4174f6a781d3790d6d2e4c015a55843


  • Yoga practiced in these poses will help you build your practice as you learn and notice how each one of these types of yoga can support you on your road to health mentally, physically, and emotional well-being.

Poses that support our mental, physical and spiritual well-being listed below that will be obtained or modified when you join with me.  

Shakti yoga – A variation of series of sequenced sun salutations A and B. The principle for this is to build women inner power through the sacred feminine. That’s why it’s Shakti. ¬†Poses that range to 15 min – 45 ¬†what you choose.

Stress relief meditation Рconsists of seated and standing poses.. flushing stress or anxiety. This movement of seated to stand creates one to feel calm and centered slowing the mind down. Helps with worry, overstimulated individuals, keep one in focus an grounded. img_20161216_221436

 Emotions and physical ways these can be obtained in these Asanas.


Asanas: child, cobra, down dog, Warrior one, Reverse warrior, Bridge, supported corpse pose, a blend of sequence, such as a mountain, handstand, down dog, chair backbend, shoulder stand, head to knee, wide-legged forward fold.

Chakra balancing :

Asanas: Goddess pose, child pose, forward folds, mountain or Sun Salutations, crescent pose, Warrior 2, Bridge or wide legged forward fold, Boat, Eagle, cow, backbends, 

*Alleviate grief: 

Asanas: Legs up the wall, and small ground movements on the floor. 

*KundaliniTheses asanas will increase the digestion, balance out gut flora and prevents depression. This yoga is an art to harness nervous energies in physical, mental body.  The body locks through postures which combines eye focus, mudras,

Asanas: cross-legged position, leg lifts on your back, sit on heels and rock circle you navel sitting crossed legged, A Venus lock is easy but arms back and head down. Lie on back focus on the navel.

*Stress- includes tension, digestive issues, works with mild depression, sleep, headaches, lower back pain or shoulders. RELEASE ANXIETY AND WORRY. Don’t be the 40 million adults in the world, instead be you!

Asanas: Easy, cow, puppy, head to knee, seated forward bend, tree, eagle, half moon, corpse 

*Yin Yoga ZEN–¬†Called “Daoist” deepens connective tissues. Ancient Japanese practice named Zen by a Master.¬† The Sanskrit word is “Dhyan” where this yoga regulates blood flow, increases mental clarity, works to heal the mind.¬† This type of yoga encourages the mind t stay in the present way to practice the unexpected. opens up the body as it unlocks it.¬† Practicing zen yoga with a mind that is empty is called Zen Yoga

  Asanas: Cobbler pose, Happy baby, Bow pose, Upward Plank, Chair, Half moon, Triangle

*Restore & stretch  releases and reduces the tension that is held in neck, shoulders, and upper back. These poses provide energy and improve posture.

Asanas: forward folds, runners lunge, pigeon, quad openers, supported bridge, twists of any kind. Deep stretches allow muscles to relax and puts less strain on the skeletal system. This improves zzz. Sleep.

*Core belly -OMG help poses Рtheses poses are in a sequence that is repetitive, designed to tone and strengthen cardiovascular and abdominal. ( this is a daily one to do )

Asanas: Boat, Plank, bow, cobra

Stamina and Stretch-  Theses increase and build dis lip line in the mind and body

Asanas: Boat, upward facing dog, camel pose, fish pose, bow pose, goddess pose

As we link our breath, body, and spirit we can deepen our strength of self with the mind.


In using various postures allows a person to find focus, increase the personal connection with self and with others.

As we connect it helps us to take a seat and stay present. To find our inner voice is through linking what connection that supports how it promotes and integrates our whole body for finding ones individual expression.

Through various types of asanas helps one recover from injury and helps with past trauma, anxiety, chronic pain, and other health aspects.



9a7950297e726ae889a7169efaeafbf9ARE YOU READY?

Class Schedule: Classes offered: Trauma -yoga sensitive / Hatha Intermediate/Hatha Flow & Candlelight Hatha Flow  &  Candlelight Hatha Restore, Kids yoga, creative yoga, dance yoga. Various types upon your request.

Group or one on one.


60 min…………… 30 $

1/2……………….. ¬†15$

Available by appointment at for personal or one on one at your convenience



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