HISTORY: Reading cards is one of the oldest formulas in discovering hidden depths of who you and where you are currently.  Tarot cards were once used as playing cards in the year 1375 from the Islamic people, but the cards themselves originated supposedly around 1440 by a man named Duke of Milan.   As time passed they were used in 1781 France and England for divination.  Circling from this, others really believed it originally used in Egypt until a great fire took place in the libraries causing them to be our hieroglyphic keys to our world in life. art najevo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The journey to tarot begins with you revealing important aspects of your life that can only be accessed through your tarot reading session.

Personal experience: My journey began as a young child for fun and eventually I became older where I used them to read for friends. I have many years with the tarot card deck and spiritually feel they were gifted to me to help others now. My experiences with them have been used with worldly people famous or not.  Many of which the readings I did were used with musicians and other professionals I have encountered over the years. As I continued to pursue more readings over time I became aware that I was intuitive and gifted, or it’s my deck. Through every reading, I had provided individuals knowledge to others through my cards that were extremely accurate. I continue now to self-educate helping others. I’m continuing in my personal exploration new spreads and ways tarot can be used in one’s life.

d2fd01cf10f5bd6b500a13d4eeb3fd4cThrough reading your tarot offers you major aspects of your life that shows your next direction, or where you are currently.  To heal we must see how variables of our life can contribute to our well being as to how valuable major areas in our life affect us in a positive or negative way.

  • Love and relationships
  • Career choices
  • Money and finance
  • Life purpose
  • Home and Family
  • Spirituality                                                                                                                                        FB_IMG_1451020971730    Your intuitive session might include the following:
  • Things it reveals between the current situation or where you head in time.
  • Uncovers perspectives that are hidden where it can empower you in life.
  • Discover one’s influences through your life within the environment.
  • Guides your career and life purpose.
  • Aligns you with the next steps to understanding your passions and to proceed for clarity.
  • Allows you to discover personal life challenges and goals
  • Very helpful for navigating dynamic personal relationships that either support you or not.
  • Empowers hidden perspectives that will help in providing you with your greatest self.

My interpretation is a place where you find clarity and transformation for peace.


Free 30 min Discovery call.  Get one on one guidance that fits your specific tailored needs if this is right for you. I would advise a notepad to be able to record this.  I can provide you with your own recording also at your convenience.

All my sessions are 60 minutes and will include any one (sometimes two it three areas  areas that need to be looked upon.

Our scheduled session will we’ll discuss what interests you or what to make best for your situation. I’ll get your birth data and any other info I need to prepare for your reading.

Your tarot series will be based upon:Placeholder Image

You will learn: Navigating your world, developing ongoing relationships with your spirits, feeling altered consciousness, travel between different dimensions through guidance and healing, Access your creative genius.

Are you ready?  Find your talents, strengths, and weakness. Be at peace with burdens that are unnecessary means, let go of outcomes or controlled thoughts.  Learn profound state of bliss to becoming spiritually connected through your tarot card session. Feel grounded. Enjoy knowing where you are in the present.


Dare to know!

$15  First client-

$35 half spread- Each with different spreads

$45 full spread- As (Different spreads at your request)

(Balance your mind and spirit as you learn in discovering your hidden life for transformation)

Reschedule :

I ask for 48 hours notice to change your session. If you’ve got an emergency then let me know as soon as possible to reschedule.  I don’t offer refunds.


Privacy: I won’t ever share your details with anyone, period.


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